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    MPR Globe  is the main project of the MPR corporation.


    1.what is MPR

       MPR project It is a complete solution of multimedia digital compound publishing , learning & reading.The published combine the papery printing publications and multimedia documents via the special information symbols ,readers can hear while they read the books. The core idea of this solution is to apply multimedia digital technology to papery printing publications, and express the content of corresponding multimedia files via The Reading pen. MPR is short for Multimedia Print Reader .

    2. MPR advantages

    1)Numerous individual MPR codes can  match numerous publications without ever repeating a code,our project have the ability to support a new publications (multimedia publication);

    2)MPR codes are designed according to the format and using requirements of publication.Such as the Whole leading code,Chapter leading code,Text code,Complementarity code and other Indentification code,these codes only exist in MPR project;

    3)The printing of MPR publications can be done at any normal printing plant,publisher can make their books to speak without extra printing cost;

    4)The MPR codes can not be identified by reading pen if codes are not printed from the original film.Our technology created a effective way to prevent and against the pirate;

    5)We own 100% intellectual property copyright of MPR project,publishers can use the MPR typesetting software freely,worldwide readers can download MPR audio files from our website freely. 

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