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Introduction of MPR Solution 

MPR, also called MPR project, is a solution for the synchronization of text and graphics on printed books and its corresponding video and audio contents.
The core of the project is the integration of multimedia technology and traditional printed publication. Thus a specific kind of reading device is enabled to display the multimedia files whose content are corresponding to printed books.
MPR project is an innovative technology which integrates the most advanced 2D encoding and decoding technology, macro photography technology, audio compression and playing technology and traditional printing technology.
MPR project consists of a group of sub-projects, such as MPR code project, MPR publication project, MPR Reader Project and MPR network project. All components of the MPR project are indispensable to such a cross-media, cross-industry system.
Publishers only need to print MPR codes on the place where the content to be pronounced is located and then upload the corresponding audio files to the MPR Reading Club. Then readers can enjoy the unique reading experience by using the MPR Reader which stores the audio files downloaded from the MPR Reading Club, to touch MPR codes on the books.
MPR Technology integrates traditional reading habit with new learning model led by the electronic age. It helps people to overcome the barriers in the process of reading and creates audible reading experience.

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